Tuesday, January 18, 2011

One year old!

Happy birthday to my little Berlin!

Ok, well I'm writing this a little late, but I'm getting to it!
Berlin had her first birthday on the 3ed of January. I cried just a little. We ended up having 2 small parties, one the day before her day, so her Grandma Patty, Grandpa Allen and God Mommy Kira could be there.

Patty and Allen came down for the weekend and stayed at our house. I had the best time. I was in the kitchen a lot if the trip, cooking and cleaning. We had a lovely New Years eve, sitting around the table eating a pot roast, then gluten free chocolate chip cookies and toasting with a bottle of champagne.

On Sunday we had a few family members over for a little party. Let me tell you I did not think we could get 15 people in our little place, but it worked. We sang happy birthday, and ate a wonderful chocolate cake with orange butter cream frosting. Nanny is an amazing baker!

Then the fallowing weekend we had another, just a little bit bigger, party at Nanny and Grandpas house. Where we were able to have the little cousins there. Grandpa made lasagna. Wow was that some good stuff!

Our lives have been nuts for the last ten weeks. We have not had a weekend free. So that is why Ive been so bad about blogging. To my five followers, I'm very sorry! After this weekend I should be able to get back to writing about once a week again.