Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My body is mine again!

Yes, my body is mine again. It looks a little diffident, but I don't have to come running when Berlin is crying in the middle of the night, cause she does not wake up. Who would have guessed that not nursing her to bed would make her sleep through the night. Don't get me wrong, I loved nursing. Bed time was one on my favorite times of the day. It was just the two of us, in a dark room with a book and a pink giraffe.

A few days before Berlin was 16 months, I realized my body had not been my own in over two years! I was ready to have it back! I was so happy that it seamed that Berlin was really ready to let it go too. The first two days were a little heart breaking for me, cause she signed that she wanted to nurse, and I had to say no, and give her milk.

She is now almost 17 months old, asking for
meme = milk,
nano = bananna
babe = blue berries, or veggies (frozen)
Aaaapple = apple
eese =cheese

She tells up she is hungry by making a clicking sound with her tongue, kind of like a squirrel.
She also says
Mama- me
Dada- dad
Nanny- my mom
Dada- grandpa
Nenny- aunt janin
Mama- grandma patty
Nanna- my nanna
Mama- my baumpa
Woof- doog
titty- kitty

And there are some more, I just cant think of them.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers day!

To all the mommies out there, Happy mothers day.

Its not an easy job, being mom. There is no 'time off' even when the kids go to bed or to school, there is no real break. My mind, when my daughter is away are still on her, when she is asleep, it is how is she sleeping... My 'break' is doing the dishes, laundry or grocery shopping, and Lord knows how much fun all that is.

Well this seams to becoming a bitch fest! Over and out, before I say something i will regret!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Post blue berry 'bath'

While in the desert, I found berlins very most favorate food in the freezer. She would eat blue berries till her skin turned blue! I was so smart, I put them in a cup that she can hold on to, while every one was wearing all white (smart mommy!) So I striped her down and when she was done eating, she found the water. 

All dressed up and at the place to be

A few weeks a go, Berlin and I joined Nanny (my mom) to the desert to see my Nana and Baumpa (my grandparents) for a weekend. On our last day, I was in the shower, while Nanny and Nana were playing with Berlin. When I got out of the shower my Mom brought Berlin to me to show me how busy they were. 

She is such a girly girl!