Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Berlins first Christmas

Christmas Eve
Our little bundle of joy had her first Christmas. Now if you did not know, Christmas is a big thing in my family. We do Xmas eve with my Parents, my Brother his family, and usually my Oma, Uncle and little brother, are there too. And if we are really lucky my Sister and her family come from Co. However this year was small. We still had a wonderful time. The kids stuffed themselves on cheese, deviled eggs and shrimp. And Cory got to try his first oyster.

this is for me! Thank you Santa! 
On Christmas morning Berlin and I woke up Grandpa, and Nanny, then saw what Santa got her. She was so cute. She looked at the toys on the mantle, and you could see she was thinking "Are those for me?" She ran to them, and started playing right a way! Its so cool seeing how she is growing up! 

Nanny what is it? 
 Later we opened gifts from my Parents and my Lil Bro. There was a big gold wrapped box and Berlin wanted to see what was in that one the most! So when it was Nanny's turn, Berlin helped.

Then later my Moms side of the family came over. We are 2 great grandkids, 7 grandkids, and 5 kids, and 2 grandparents, as well as spouses and boyfriends! OMG! We are a lot of people. So a small gathering of the family is never less than 20! Berlin got her first piece of jewelry. My Nana and Baumpa got her the sweetest little pearl bracelet! And it just so happens that I got one the night before! So we match!

All and all, I think Berlin has a wonderful time! And I know everyone had a wonderful time seeing and playing with her.
I love dollys! 

Grandpa, can I eat the candy cane?

I love my mommy

I love my daddy too! 


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

the shoes of my dream!

 If they were an inch or so shorter! I love shoes! These are made by Jessica Simpson Collection. I tried them on at Macy's a week ago, and can not stop dreaming about them. They would be mine, however the heal is 4.7 inches tall! That is a little too tall for me to be running after a one year old baby! But let me tell you, if I can find them on SUPPER sale, I will not hesitate.

My little Dancer

Oh she is a million laughs every day!
 A few weekend ago I went to my parents house on Sunday night for dinner. Uncle Troy made a wonderful dinner, and after I was helping with the dishes, and Grandpa was keeping an eye on Berlin. 
She tried to make her way to the kitchen where I was, and I asked Troy to keep her out of the kitchen. 
As a 22 year old male would do, he put her on the table so he did not have to get up. 
She then walked the length of the table, flirting with the boys and 'dancing,' laughing and having the most wonderful time! I have to say she was on that night. 
During dinner, she was flirting and screaming at the boys across table. What can I say, the kid makes me laugh everyday!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

LA Zoo

On Mothers day, Benji got me a pass for the L.A. Zoo. I love it! And I love taking Berlin there. Now our pass is good for me and Benji, or one of us and another adult, and kids under three get in for free.

On Tuesday Aunt Janin and I took Berlin. This was the first time she really saw the animals! It was so cool to see her reactions. We first went to the babies. In January the Komodo Dragons had 22 eggs that hatches. There are only five baby Dragons at our Zoo, and one was at the glass, like a puppy at a pet store. Berlin wanted it so badly!

It was also members only preview to see the elephants! I was so happy, cause these pachyderm are my very most animal! They have such a beautiful new home

Then we saw Berlins favorite animal! The Giraffe. There are four our Zoo. It looks like a Mommy, Daddy and two kids. 

 Our day was a little short, but wonderful just the same. Next time I will get pictures of my little one.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

so very much has happened!

Since I last blogged, so very much has happened! 
Berlin has grown so much! She is walking like a pro! My Parents and I tried to take Berlin and two of her cousins to see Santa. This was as close as we got that time! One of the kids was not into it, and that made another not happy and two were crying then my girl started too! O well! 

Then Grandma, Aunt Amy and cousin Felix came to town. How very much fun that was! They stayed with us for the weekend. Berlin was fallowing 16 month old Felix around the house, chatting at one another and just having a ball

The fallowing weekend was the Winter Fair at Highland Hall. I made some plans, and met an old friend and his boys, 3years old and 16 months. When we sat down for lunch, Berlin spotted a little girl in a white dress and white fairy wings, the funny thing is, I knew her and her parents another lifetime ago! She looked at my mom and said 'you can take a picture if you want to.' So my mom took the shot. 

After the fairy meeting, Berlin say a large dried leaf and needed to rip it up! So Daddy sat with her 

(Victor and his boys)

Then Mom had a birthday, and got a food saver( so cool) and two sing-a-ma-jigs. And could not be happier!

And now you are up to date with my life!