Thursday, March 24, 2011

swinging into spring

Berlin and I have been walking to the park for a few weeks. We start and end the park with the the swing! Since the sun has been out (notice I say has been), I have been looking at swings for the house. Yesterday I had to go to target and the swing was on sale!!! Yeppy! I got it!
We came home and Benji hung it right away. Berlin was pointing to it and trying to say 'swing' for the whole time. I had to take her up to Aunt Janine's house. When we came out Benji was hanging from the ropes. Berlin ran to daddy, and started pointing to the swing. She did not want to come out. And all through out dinner she was trying to say swing, pointing to the door and crying.

I think its good to say Mommy got a good toy! Now if only it would stop raining!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Vintage Stroller

I am normally not one for used baby things, unless I know who they came from. Its just rubs me the wrong way, kind of like a used engagement ring (non heirloom that is). However I've been looking for a stroller that could be both forward and rear facing and was not $1000. Then Thursday I heard about a consignment sale in Burbank. It is all baby/ kids stuff. I thought I would try my luck. Berlin and I picked my Mom up and off we went. I kind of wish we were able to be there when the doors opened at 9am. But Im not a morning person.

The name of the place is La Kids Consignment. It is all gently- used kids items. The thing was HUGE! By the time we got there there were almost no pack-n-plays, when I saw it on the news there were rows of them. Most of the strollers were gone too. I was kind of bummed. We looked at the clothes, that were amazingly organised, and all in good condition. And don't get me started about the toys and books. There were so many, it was a little bit over whelming.

I got a few outfits, only costing $8.00. Then on our way to check out, there it was! Our 'new' stroller! I have no idea how old it it, and I don't care! I'm going to call it vintage! We put Berlin in it, after careful investigating! And she LOVES it! She had a smile from ear to ear as soon as we put her in.

This morning we all went to the park. While she was in the swing she started to fall asleep. I asked her if she was sleepy and wanted to take a nap. She nodded her head and home we went. By the time we were half a block away from the pars, she was out!
Here are a few pictures of our walk home.

I could not be a happier Mommy!  I can now go on a walk with her and we can chat and flirt again!

And I forgot to say it turns into a pram! This thing ROCKS!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Welcome to the world Lucas!

We have been on baby watch for the last few weeks! Matt and Stacy's baby was due on February 16, and I was asked to be in the delivery room to help Stacy out. Two weeks ago, Friday morning I got a text from Stacy saying they were sent to the hospital. I packed a bag for me, and a bag for Berlin, took her to my parents, headed back to the West Side. When I got to Stacy it was about 2:30 and she was not too far along. I hung out and did not do a lot because Stacy is amazing and did not want us around. By about 12 in the morning she was about 9cm and ready to start pushing. However Lucas had a diffident idea. He was not in a good position to come out naturally, so a c-section it was.  At 1:30 am on February 19th, little Lucas was born. By 2:30 a very proud Papa came out to get us and see the recovering Mommy and new baby. He was not even a full hour old.

Though the road has been a little rocky for Stacy, Lucas is beautiful, healthy and has some wonderful lungs!

It really makes me think how we all started out so small and helpless! While I was nursing Berlin this evening, and realizing that she will be 14 months tomorrow, I was trying to think back to when she was that small and young. I was holding Lucas today wishing I could remember Berlin that young. I don't know why I can't remember, maybe it was the drugs from my C-section or maybe it was the 'baby blues'. I can only hope that if we have another babies, I can be more alert postpartum.