Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sending chills down my spine!

I have a bunch of photos to be blogged! I just have to get them onto the computer, the write about them a bit! Its amazing how long it can really take!

Berlin has been teething the last few weeks. It's been a hole bunch of no fun for anyone around.

This story starts about a month ago, when my Mother-in-law was in town. I was getting dressed, and my cousin, who passes away a few years ago, descieded to visit me. You know what I mean. When you are not thinking of anything, or anyone, and someone you were close to that passed pops in your head, well that's what David did. I was kind of mad at him, cause I was running late. Later that day Patty and I talked about it, she told me that I can ask him to leave if its not a good time, and I can also ask him for help.

A few nights after she left, Berlin was not sleeping at night. I asked David to play guitar so Berlin would go to sleep. About 5 mins later she was out cold! Some nights after that, I asked Myrna, Benjis Mom, to help out.
This is where the chilling story really starts. It was about 11:30 and Benji and i were sitting on the couch and I decided to ask Myrna for some help.
 "Hi Myrna, I know we never met, but I'm going to ask a favor of you... I would really like it of you could help your grand daughter... your second one, to sleep through the night... I really need a full night of sleep..." THUMP! and a bad look at Benji, "Thanks for helping in advance!"
Then I turned to Benji and said 'why did you kick the couch!'
'I didn't!'
'I swear I did not! It was the spring in the couch!'

Really! Does that send chills down your back too! Benji and I were a little freaked out!
You know what happened! Berlin slept through the night!

Thanks again Myrna!

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