Thursday, November 10, 2011

Do you know anyone coming to town... with not place to stay?!?!

My Sister in Law and I are starting a new 'business'. A few weeks ago she went to New York, and used a website called Its a place where people can rent out rooms in their houses, or their house'... It worked out really well for her. And just so happened that the guys in the apartment above mine were moving out. So Janin and I ran around town, and craigslist finding beds, sofa... in about 2 weeks we furnished the apartment, had some one from the website come out and take pictures, and within hours we had a few nights booked!
Here is the link to rent the whole apartment

Here is the link for 1 bedroom
And here is the link for the other room

With the holidays coming up, I hope we can help you and your family and friends out!!

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  1. wow! the place looks great! nice work! i'll keep it in mind, if i hear of anyone looking for a place to stay!