Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My poor 5 Followers...

Lets hope no one has been holding their breath from post to post! Lol!!!

Life here has been amazing!!! Benji got his contractors license, and a great job on top of that.
Berlin has been growing like a weed! She is such a happy baby 90% of the time. As long as its not the house between 4&6pm, something happens then... she becomes a grump. But than again she is almost 2, so that's to be expected.

She is really starting to talk. The other night at dinner, I told her her food was hot. Daddy sat down and she looked at with a very serious look, put her hand up, and said 'hot! hot! hot!' and then blew, telling him to blow on his food too! I'm calling that her first conversion.

I have been cooking a bunch more. With my celiac disease, I can't go out and get some of the dishes I want or are craving. For the last few years I have been wanting a chicken pot pie, so I've been doing it! I love it.

I have to be better at this blogging thing, I've been a little obsessed with a stupid facebook game, but I have to focus my attentions on things that help me better myself. I feel myself slipping down a very dark hole. 

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